Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why are there so many antagonists?

Lo que la Vida me Robo is a telenovela that has absolutely no shortage of drama. This is because, in my opinion, there is a crazy amount of antagonists.
Of course, Graciela, Monserrat's Mom, is evil. She plots against everyone, except her son of course. She lives her life for money and power and her reputation. She has openly admitted that she never loved her husband and was cheating on him for years. Just overall has no redeeming qualities, that is unless you're her son, Dimitrio, who thinks she is the best.
Dimitrio is another of the terrible people on this show. He played with his sisters emotions by hiring a friend to convince Monserrat that Jose Luis never loved her. He also killed a man and let Jose Luis go down for it, with the help of his mother of course. He also has been playing a woman solely for her money and planned a fake wedding so he could take it all. Terrible person overall but the worst is he doesn't accept any consequences. He believes he can do anything and take no blame. Mostly because his mom lets him.
Another one of these terrible characters is Maria. Maria is probably my least favorite character. She grew up poor with Alejandro and is obviously bitter about it. When Monserrat arrives at the ranch, Maria immediately attacks Monserrat and wants them to break up. She also decides that since Alejandro is rich now, she should be considered the woman of the house and be treated as if she had money too. She yells at the help that she used to work with, and treats everyone like scum. The worst part is, Alejandro doesn't see it. She multiple times tries to kiss Alejandro and seduce him and even though he may reject her, he should honestly just kick her off the ranch. She is manipulative, fake, and insecure.
Pedro, is another antagonist. He is terrible to his wife, Nadia. He also beat a woman, Esmerelda, because she was done pretending to have an affair with him. He doesn't have any morals or feelings towards anyone. If I was gonna call anyone on this show a true psychopath-it would be Pedro. Multiple times he has tried to have people killed just so he can get what he wants. He meddles in things and stirs up trouble just for his enjoyment. Truly a terrible man.
Finally, Juevntino is an antagonist. He killed his own brother and pretended for months to be upset and comfort his niece. He tried to force himself on Dominga multiple times. He tried to kill Alejandro multiple times. He tried to rape/ kill Monserrat. He was just a terrible person. He was finally killed by a corrupt policeman so he wouldn't talk and somehow his gang is still stirring up trouble.
While all telenovelas have drama, Lo Que la Vida me Robo has an astronomical amount of drama. I think that the multitude of antagonists really played into the amount of drama this telenovela had.
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