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Lo que la vida me robó (Ep: 7-12)


     In these past 6 episodes my emotions have been all over the place. I have been on a roller coaster that keeps going and going. However, before I start to fill you all in, I would like to share something that has been brought to my attention. Which is dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is when the significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader but not to the character themselves and other characters as well. Lo que la vida me robó has been a perfect example of dramatic irony. Honestly, from the beginning but especially in these past few episodes. It has created a very strong presence, but it's what keeps me on edge. The fact that I know something that the other characters don't leaves me wanting more. 

    In episodes 7-12 there is so much heartbreak. I mean all the way around. I witnessed Montserrat y José Luis Alvarez be split apart (of course for reasons unbeknownst to them and a conniving mother and lazy brother.) That is until Refugio, José Luis' best friend overhears Dimitrio and his childhood friend Adolfo speaking of what he and his mother had done. Of course, with Refugio being such a good friend he runs off to tell José Luis what was going on and they conspire together to help José Luis escape. On the other side, a woman we know as Esmeralda was hired by Dimitrio to talk to Monse about José Luis. She implanted this horrible image into Monse's brain. Filling her with doubt. Her loving mother finishes executing the plan by telling her everything she needed to to make Monse take what she was telling her as the truth. This was all a plot to further put Monse in the arms of Alejandro Almonte. 
     Eventually, Graciela succeeds in getting Alejandro and Monserrat together and she still is not satisfied. After some hard thought, Monserrat decides to accept Alejandro's marriage proposal to please her mother and save her family from financial ruin. They decided that a month was enough time to arrange everything for them to be married. Pero claro que no, Graciela needs for there to be a trousseau, invitations, a big party, and a extravagant wedding. Her intentions are put to a stop for a brief moment when Lauro discovers that Capitán Robledo had been waiting for Dimitrio to turn up to work for a month. Lauro departs from his office to confront Dimitrio and with his health being in such a fragile state, he suffers another heart attack. This rocks the whole family to its foundation. It's enough that Alejandro has to pay all of the family's debts (including some money Dimitrio owes from a poker game.) Now he has to cover Lauro's medical bills. 

     After Lauro is released from the hospital, it cuts to a scene where he is talking with Monse. He tells her that all of their debts have been paid and that they will have enough money from the harvest at the ranch to pay Alejandro everything they owe him. This lie is blown up by her mother when she is telling Monse to go to her dress fitting. She also manages to slip out that she and Alejandro had a deal (Haha! Por fin!) She puts all the blame on Alejandro, and it only intensifies the resentment that Monserrat feels for them both. As a result, Monserrat has been more cold to both Alejandro and Graciela more than usual and it's obvious to Alejandro that something is up. 

     Meanwhile, Dimitrio and Adolfo are scheming Adolfo's childhood friend Josefina or as they like to call her "La cosa fea" out of one hundred thousand pesos. This all happens after she thinks that Dimitrio is interested in her and Adolfo as a good friend asks her for her help to save Dimitrio. ("Pero nadie puede saber. Incluso. . ." This is literally said every episode,) Moving to Refugio and José Luis, after saving Esmeralda from a vicious attack (after managing to escape) she invites them as guests into her house. None of them knowing who is who and their involvement in the destruction of José Luis' and Monserrat's relationship. The last clip is them sitting down for breakfast, and there is a knock at the door. It turns out to be Dimitrio and we get a flash of hate in José Luis' eyes before the episode ends. 

Analysis of Characters:

     I've started to believe that Graciela is living through Monserrat. Sure, she wants the best for her daughter but Monserrat is a grown woman. She does not need her mother to determine every step she takes, and every move she makes. She fails to realize that by choosing Monserrat's life for her is going to make her the same way she is. Stuck up, vain, and looking for love. Monserrat has decided to give up on love, which I understand. She believes that the love of her life has betrayed her in the same way he said he never would. So by making herself cold to everyone, she could never be hurt again. Dimitrio is still slimy and disgusting, I am definitely not a fan. He needs to grow up and stop depending on his family to supply him with everything he needs. 

     I am absolutely infatuated with Alejandro Almonte. In my opinion he is exactly what my ideal kind of man is. He is strong, passionate, loving, and hard working. (We should probably leave out the honest part right now.) His emotional strength and patience is being put to the test by the Mendoza family. Even more so by Graciela and Dimitrio than Monserrat. José Luis is a very determined, hard-working, honest, loving man who was just caught on the wrong side of karma. The strength of his love is being tested. His role all depends on how far and how long he is willing to go to regain the love of his life. 


- Writing Team

  • Author - Juan Carlos Acalá
  • Writers - Caridad Bravo Adams, Jorge Cervantes, Rossana Ruiz, Rosa Salazar Alenas, María Zarattini, and Fermín Zúñiga 

- Directing Team

  • Main Directors - Sergio Cantaño and Claudio Reyes
  • Assistant Directors - Rafael Léon de los Cobos and Mario Serrano
  • Floor Manager - Gerardo Fernández S., Adolfo Rivera,

- Production Team

  • Executive Producer - Angelli Nesma 
  • Production Assistants - Fernando Garrido, Mayra Angers, Juan Manuel Azbell, Denise Carmargo, Nancy Lhoman

- Cast 

Image result for Angelique Boyer
Monserrat (Angelique Boyer) 


Image result for sebastián rulli
Alejandro Almonte (Sebastian Rullí)
Image result for daniela castro
Graciela Mendoza (Daniela Castro) 
Image result for gabriela rivero
Carlota Mendoza (Gabriela Rivero
Image result for carlos de la mota
Refugío (Carlos De La Mota) 
Image result for Alejandro Avila
Victor (Alejandro Ávila)
Image result for ferdinando valencia
Adolfo (Ferdinando Valencia)
Image result for rogelio guerra
Lauro Mendoza (Rogelio Guerra)
Image result for veronica jaspeado
Josefina Valverde (Veronica Jaspeado) 
Image result for Osvaldo Benavides
Dimitrio Mendoza (Osvaldo Benavides) 
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Esmeralda Medina (Margarita Magaña)

    Image result for Luis Roberto Guzmán
    José Luis Álvarez (Luis Roberto Guzman) 

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    1. I am watching the same telenovela and I am totally with you, this show definitely plays with your emotions!! I was so frustrated throughout these episodes I just wanted to shout "Monserrat! Your mother is insane and your brother is a psychopath!". Honestly the things they do... how did they get away with this for so long?!