Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Effect of Music in Telenovelas

In my Telenovela, Someone’s Watching You, the music affects the mood of the entire story the moment it begins. A lot of the music choices involve Latin American music choices, but as an English-speaking only viewer, the fact that the music still implies the mood of the scene shows how well-crafted the shows are and how well picked the music choices are as well.
            Music is such a significant part of portraying the mood of the scene or enhancing the feelings of the character. In Someone’s Watching You, a lot of the music enhances the theme of the telenovela. Therefore, a lot of the music in the scenes were very reflective of the murder scenes or the impending dooms for some of the characters.

            Music is very essential to telenovelas, if not it would require viewers to do a lot more inferring to discover the mood of the characters, the effect of the previous scenes and the effect on the rest of the telenovela.

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  1. I definitely also think that the music sets the mood either with fast and upbeat music for happy scenes and quiet music for suspenseful scenes. in my telenovela Teresa, music has a powerful effect throughout the scenes. In Teresa, music is used to enhance the feelings of the characters. The music turns to a slow somber tone to reflect the impending doom when Mariano and Aida find out that Paulo died of a drug overdose.