Monday, February 6, 2017

Mis XV: Everyone Hates the Antagonists, Right?

            Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched a good amount of episodes, and I have come to develop a love-hate relationship with “Mis XV”. There are so many instances where the plot is just so cheesy that I just don’t know whether to laugh or just stop watching, but ultimately, I think that’s what keeps me so hooked. It’s just something that’s entertaining and provides a good laugh.
Everyone knows that telenovelas are about the protagonists falling in love, facing and overcoming a ton of struggles, and ultimately being able to be together. What’s really interesting are the struggles that the characters have to face, but man, this telenovela just keeps putting obstacles in everyone’s way in the cheesiest ways possible. One of my favorite things about “Mis XV” is how I love to hate on the antagonists. The things they do just make me want to throw my computer.  Here, the main antagonists are Leonora and Alexis. Leonora is in love with Niko, Valentina’s love interest while Alexis is in love with Valentina. It’s literally the messiest love triangle/square. Together they will do anything to sabotage the two’s future together, and I honestly can’t stand either of them at this point. I absolutely hate Leonora. She’s such a hypocrite! She pretends to be Valentina and Natalia’s friend, and it’s the most annoying thing to watch. All three of them will be talking, and Leonora will only be there to learn their secrets and use them against them. In a recent episode, Valentina confessed that she was the one who “sabotaged” Niko’s performance. Long story short, Alexis and Leonora put something in Niko’s tea so that he would lose his voice and perform badly in front of a music producer. Valentina did not want him to embarrass himself, so she turned the power off at the coffee shop he was going to perform at. Once Leonora found out, she immediately went to tell Niko that it was Valentina who had done it. What’s funny is that Niko was so tired of Leonora trying to ruin Valentina’s image that he flat out did not believe her. Stuff like this continuously goes on, so I’m just waiting for the moment where everyone finds out the truth about everything.
One thing I noticed while watching is that Niko is not the most handsome protagonist in the world. I have watched a good amount of telenovelas, for teens and adults, and the male protagonist is ALWAYS attractive. I think this is the first time I don’t find the male role attractive in any way; however, I understand why Yago Muñoz, the actor who plays Niko, was cast. He seems to be so charismatic and has such a pretty voice. It’s definitely something that would make the audience like him. This is big because his character’s role revolves around him writing songs for Valentina, and in these songs, he tells her about how much he likes her and all that romantic teen stuff.
I have been somewhat negative toward the characters, but honestly I can’t wait to watch more so that hopefully something bad happens to Leonora or Alexis and they finally get a taste of their own medicine.


  1. I would agree that antagonists are so annoying. I just want the protagonists to be happy, but the antagonists keep messing things up and making it harder for ultimate happiness.

  2. I level with the conflicting nature of these telenovelas. On one hand, their so cheesy and out there, while also having relatable themes and funny or enthralling dialogue. Also the antagonist thing. In Maria la del barrio, the main antagonist is the "Evil Stepmother". She annoys me so much. Like, she'll try and get Maria thrown out just because she's a snob and doesn't want to fraternize with lower class people. Like, chill. Hope they got a taste of that medicine!

  3. I definitely relate to hating on how cheesy some of these dramas can be! Sometimes, the drama is constant and unnecessary that it kind of breaks the fourth wall in a sense. I'm sitting there watching these dramas all I can think about is how absolutely unrealistic all of it is. I KNOW that nothing this dramatic would ever happen in real life, and it causes me to become unattached from the show in a sense.
    Also- you hate your antagonists but I hate my protagonists!!! They're soooo frustrating and completely irrational. The protagonists are always taking one step forward, five steps back. They get in their own way! The antagonists, however, are smart, challenging, and motivated. It honestly baffles me.

  4. I agree with the love-hate relationship with the antagonists. Yet, I feel like I end up liking them just as much as the protagonists when I realize that the telenovela would not be much without their character or without their dislike to the protagonists.