Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jose Luis vs Alejandro

Hey everyone! I have been watching “Lo que la Vida me Robo” and right now, I’m very conflicted. Usually in dramas with love triangles I’m the kind of person that can chose which guy I want the girl to be with instantly. Even if the guy I chose isn’t necessarily the one she ends up with or the guy most people want her to be with- I’ve always been able to choose. This show is the first where I am completely torn. So now I shall do what I always do when I’m torn on something, think of pros and cons.
In the case of Jose Luis, he has lots of pros. He is kind, handsome, and he loves Monserrat and would do anything for her. He has stuck with her through a lot. Her family literally framed him for a murder, locked him up, and forced him to fake his own death. That’s quite a lot to go through for a girl. However, to Jose Luis Monserrat is not just a girl- she’s his girl. Now for his cons, he is forceful, poor (this is not a thing against his character, just a fact), and a fugitive presumed dead. He did end up shooting someone to escape from prison so even though he didn’t kill someone and didn’t deserve to be in prison, he did end up committing a terrible crime. While that’s disturbing and I personally don’t think I could look past the fact that he’s a murderer, he’s also presumed dead and is running from the law. Not sure how he intends on taking Monserrat away and keeping her safe and starting a family when he’s on the run. Now while his cons are quite intense, he did commit those crimes out of love. Not sure if that endearing or crazy.
Now, for Alejandro he also has lots of pros. He is drop dead gorgeous, kind, rich, loved by Monserrat’s family, and completely in love with Monserrat. He also has stuck through the terrible things Monserrat’s family has done to him. While he may have never been in jail, her manipulative mother has left him as the bad guy in Monserrat’s mind so she won’t even give him a chance. However, there is one thing that really turned me off from Alejandro. I believe he forced himself on Monserrat since she is his wife. That’s completely not ok and makes me uncomfortable. He also did make a deal with her mother that she would help him seduce Monserrat and did, in a way, buy Monserrat. However, he really does care about her and is madly in love with her and would also protect her for all time.

So, this list didn’t help me choose. If anything, it made it harder. They’re both good and bad just in different ways. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching to make up my mind.


  1. Love triangles, in my opinion, are some of the best parts of telenovelas, movies, or any other genre. I can definitely relate with always being able to pick the protagonist's love interest, so if you're torn on which character you like the most, I bet this is a really good telenovela. If the writers intended for this to be a thing, it probably means that they're going to use it in their favor to spice up the episodes. One day she'll be with one guy; something happens, and then the next day she's with the other guy. It makes for an interesting plot and keeps you watching because you want to know who she ends up with!

  2. Okay, so I'm watching Lo que la vida me robó and I thought I was undecided as well, but reading your post made things clearer for me. Yes, it is true that José Luis is practically a criminal but he was framed! Everything he's done so far has been in the name of his love for Montserrat! I mean the same could be argued for Alejandro but not to the same extreme as José Luis. When I look at him, I can tell that Monse is his lifeline and that without her, he is absolutely nothing. He has no reason to live, heck he probably wouldn't even want to. I kind of feel like Alejandro's attraction has more to do with Montserrat being a forbidden fruit I guess you could say. Her heart belongs to another, but he wants her. So he gets her the only way he knows how, which is buying her and tries to force her to love him but she's just too stubborn. (A trait I can heavily relate to.) So, all that is to say I' definitely team #JoséLuisAlvarez because I believe that there's nothing comparable to your true love.