Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Production of Telenovelas

Telenovela Production

Throughout the world, telenovelas are carefully created in order to reveal an exciting drama sensation that audiences across the globe can be reeled into. I had no idea that it took a small army in order to produce a single telenovela! Producing a telenovela involves an extensive amount of time. For example, Telemundo established that developing a telenovela takes almost a year to construct. To begin, Pre-Production takes about 2-3 months because it takes a lengthy amount of time for writers and producers to create scripts and character profiles. Second, comes Production. Production lasts about 6 months. During Production, characters act out story lines and the drama comes to life. Then Post-Production takes place lasting about a month in order to songs to be composed and then embedded into different scenes. Post-Production is what the audience most appreciates because whether its slow and sensual music or soft and creepy music, the music entices the watcher. Finally, Product Testing occurs in real time. The global audience is the telenovela's best and worst critic. During Product Testing, according to ratings, characters can be rewritten or even killed off!

 In addition, telenovela production takes a frenzy of people to just produce a romantic scene. In order to orchestrate a messy love affair that includes powerful fighting, lustful glaces, and the eventual tearing off of clothes takes careful crafting by producers, directors, as well as light and sound teams. During this romantic short scene, not only do the actors have to stimulate chemistry between each other, but the lighting must be exact so there is enough spotlight to see the characters, the microphone boom must not be in camera angles or cause shadows, and finally the script must ensure there is no flaws during casting. 

In the telenovela I am watching, Teresa , rigorous and extensive production efforts went into mastering all 152 episodes of the series. In the show, the actress that plays Teresa, Angelique Boyer, had to rehearse 6 days a week for about 10-12 hours a day. Her character had to flawlessly perform Spanish dialogue and then expose her emotions for the show. In addition, the design team for Teresa had to make precise transitions concerning props, wardrobe, and makeup. Critical telenovela watchers are on the prowl for production mistakes to take it to the media. Like the President of Telemundo says, " [Our telenovelas] have a point of view, they are compelling, they are contemporary-and we respect the intelligence of the audience." Production for telenovelas takes rigorous attention in order to create a masterful drama.

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  1. So much more work and detail goes in to creating a telenovela than I originally thought. It is interesting to see how a scene is created and perfected.

  2. I never knew how much work and production occurred behind the scenes. It is nice to see how much passion producers have to perfect the quality of their shows.