Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Telemundo Telenovela--The Best of Both Worlds

Watching a telenovela produced by Telenovela is such an exciting experience. They produce some of the best telenovelas watched in the world. They are riveting, they are interesting, and they suck you in for every second of every installment. Yet they are not a completely traditional telenovela. Telemundo makes telenovelas that have seasons that aren't as lengthy as the traditional telenovela.  The telenovela that I am currently viewing has only about sixty episodes as compared to the average seventy to one-hundred and twenty episodes that “telenovela rosas” seem to have.
            On the topic of “telenovela rosas," Telemundo typically produces telenovelas that are typically more modern and enticing. Typical telenovelas have their plot usually set in the country of production, but like in the telenovela that I am currently watching the plot is set in the United States. Telemundo’s telenovelas and their Super Series all have a more modern aspect concerning them when referring to their more romantic plots or their lack thereof. For example, in Someone's Watching, the plot centers around doctors who all went to medical school together, after graduation they decide to open a plastic surgery practice together, but one doctor decides not to and instead works in a rural area as a physician. He becomes jealous of his peers’ success and he starts murdering people in the same city that his colleagues work. This plot is not common of “rosa” telenovelas where the plot typically allows the female protagonist and the male protagonist to fall in love.
            Telemundo also produces Super Series. They have around sixty to eight episodes, that still run Monday to Friday, but they have the opportunity to be renewed for multiple seasons. So instead of the "mourning" experience at the end of a telenovela, the viewers get suspense about what the next season will consist of, yet they still get the same consistent, and daily viewing that a traditional telenovela would offer as well. Not only are these Super Series popular because they have multiple seasons, but they are also popular because they cater more to the lifestyles and experiences of Hispanic lifestyle in the United States as opposed to in Latin America.

            Telemundo is dominating the telenovela industry. They are providing everything that a viewer could imagine. Interesting plot, multiple seasons, and relatable storylines draw millions of viewers in Monday through Friday to watch their Super Series and riveting telenovelas.

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  1. I will 100 percent agree with you on the fact that no matter what telenovelas truly do suck you in. The telenovela that I am watching is so addicting and I often times have trouble getting homework done because I constantly want to know what happens next. I didn't know that Telemundo makes telenovelas that aren't as lengthy as traditional telenovelas. I definitely, agree that seasons are more convenient than 70 to 120 episode long telenovelas, but only when it comes to binge watching. I know if I am actually watching a show that is still being broadcasted, seasons annoy the heck out of me because I feel like it drags the story on and on when I really just want to figure out what happens instead of waiting for the new season to premiere.