Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Actors, more than what meets the eye

             All my life, I thought that acting was the easiest, most glamorous and fun job in the world. After all you get to act with good-looking people, get to go on red carpets and hey, who doesn't like getting paid for just acting, right? That's what I thought before today's eye opening class. I had never seen or wondered about what happened behind the scenes. I didn't know that it took so many people and so many hours to produce just one episode of a television series. It was truly incredible to see the camera man work his magic and I felt kinda bad for the guy who would have to hold the long mike on top of every actor. Anyways, getting back to the point, I had never thought that acting was a real job and didn't give enough credibility to actors until today.

              When I was watching the behind the scenes videos in today's class, I cringed a good number of times because the love scenes that looked so hot and sexy on t.v. were done with no music in the background, lots of people surrounding the actors with their gizmos and gadgets and the director yelling out of a microphone in the background. Talk about the ultimate acting test. If you can do that, you can do anything humanely possible. Not just that, the actors had to be totally involved in the scene as if there weren't a group of people critiquing and judging their every move like a hawk.

             Not just that, the fact that they have to be on set for hours in any kind of weather, the fact that the sets are always cold, and the fact that they have to remember all the words in their script (imagine if you were doing a historical drama and had to talk a certain way or talk in a strange accent) made the world of an actor a lot less glamorous that what I had previously thought. With all these things going on in the background, it blows my mind that these people can express emotion so fluidly and naturally in such a technical situation. I had definitely not given acting enough credibility before, but truly, its an incredible thing to do.

             Learning about this made me respect actors even more than before.


  1. I also didn't realize how difficult acting on a telenovela was. Seeing how they have to work long hours and through awkward scenes showed me that they are very hard workers.

  2. Giving thought to how these telenovelas are actually brought to life definitely puts you in the shoes of the actor. Especially the music thing, because the music tends to make the romantic scenes. The music lets you know that things are about to get real! But imagining being there watching those things happen without all of the extra things that are added during editing. . . I would probably burst into a fit of immature giggles. In a time of dire seriousness, I would not be able to contain myself. I think that I definitely have a newfound respect for actors because that is so much pressure and attention all at once. I don't know if I would be able to function. So kudos to them and all the hard work that they put into perfecting these characters, memorizing lines, and bringing a piece of art to life.

  3. I definitely agree with your opening statement about acting being an easy and glamorous job. I thought that you simply had to memorize a couple of lines, look pretty, then become famous. I had no idea all of the hard work actors and actresses have to put in. The class that we learned about production really opened my eyes too. I had no idea all of the time and effort that went into creating a telenovela. Haha I also agree 100 percent with your take on the love scenes. When we watched the one in class with no music and all of the people surrounding the actors the only thing I felt was awkward. I remember after the class that we learned about production it honestly made me tired to even think about having to work for days and days at a time without a break. Telenovela stars have definitely earned my respect.

  4. Oh definitely! I think telenovela acting is one of the most difficult forms of acting there is because for a period in time, you become one character and you never get a break from it. Your only break is when it is over! Because of the daily broadcasts, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to learn lines. Shoutout to all the protagonists and antagonists because there is no time to fumble!! I have a new appreciation for this art form because of the actors that execute it phenomenally.

  5. I agree that although it looks seemless, I think that acting is a very difficult and tedious job! It takes an army of people to carefully craft one scene! In the show I'm watching, the actress that plays Teresa, Angelique Boyer, had to rehearse 6 days a week for about 10-12 hours a day. Her character had to flawlessly perform Spanish dialogue and then expose her emotions for the show. In addition, the design team for Teresa had to make precise transitions concerning props, wardrobe, and makeup. Critical telenovela watchers are on the prowl for production mistakes to take it to the media.