Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mis XV

For my last blog entry, I wanted to watch as many episodes possible so that I could get an overall better understanding of the plot and characters. About 35 episodes into the telenovela, a lot of stuff has unraveled.
In my last blog, I mentioned that Valentina was responsible for a few innocent pranks that went wrong and that she felt very guilty. Her problem was that she couldn’t tell anyone about them because confessing would result in basically everyone being disappointed in her. It was obvious that at one point or another the cat had to come out of the bag, and it definitely did. Leonora, being the two-faced friend she is, exposed Valentina in front of everyone. Valentina even knew it was coming, but she was humiliated and all of her friends ended up being mad at her. One big thing that happened was that Natalia and Niko absolutely resented Valentina for her pranks. It got to the point where they gave her the silent treatment and blocked her on their social media (lol). Most importantly, as a consequence of Valentina’s actions, her quinceañera party was canceled. All of Valentina’s world collapsed in just moments. This is what the telenovela was supposed to be based on. What was going to happen now? Although I originally did not like Valentina that much, this allowed me to sympathize with her because she was going through the worst time. 
As a result of Valentina’s prank, she went from having everything to having nothing. At school, she was no longer the popular girl; all of her “friends” turned their backs on her. She was no longer head of the dance team, and Natalia took her place. Instead of her playing pranks on others, she was being pranked. This went on for a very long time. At the school’s family day, there was another pivotal event. Natalia embarrassed her mom, which led to her quinceañera party being canceled as well. Both protagonists had their most cherished idea taken away from them. Now, how in the world is this going to be fixed?? Coincidentally, around this time, there was a contest for a girl, or a duo, to have the best quinceañera party of all time. Ding ding ding!! The main catch was that each girl was to find a group which whom she could audition and perform a song. Valentina and Natalia were competing against one another. Valentina got Alexis and Leonora to be in her group, and Natalia got Niko and Valentina’s brother, Eddy, to be in her group. The two clash at school and are sent to detention, where after ages, they finally become friends again and decide to be the best of friends and never hide anything from one another. As a result of this, they decide that instead of competing against one another, they could have their quinceañera party together again and join groups. Although the six members of the group, are an odd mix and do not always get along, they make it work and realize that they could actually be a successful band. 
I have noticed that many times in telenovelas aimed for younger audiences, there are musical groups formed that perform not only in the telenovela but also in real life. Although I do not know the future of the band in the telenovela, I did some research to see what happened in real life with them. Due to the popularity of the telenovela, the band which came to be known as Eme 15 became successful in Latin America. They performed songs played in the telenovela. Their most popular song was “Wonderland” which was the theme song of Mis XV.
From watching Mis XV, the main thing I have grasped is the importance of relationships. Although there is a mixture of romance and comedy throughout the telenovela, I feel like the writers intended for the viewers to get something out of it. The deeper meaning of the telenovela is that although times may get hard, your friends and family will always be there for you no matter what. I’ve noticed this theme throughout the episodes and I think that if the writers did intend for this to be a thing, then they did a good job because the kids that watch Mis XV learn this without being directly told. 

All in all, the more I watch Mis XV, the more I like it. Despite the really goofy and cheesy scenes, it is something that is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I look forward to hopefully and eventually finishing it!

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