Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Telenovela: A Learning Experience

Art is that brings contrasting cultures, nations divided by language barriers and opposite sides of the world together. Not just art, but the appreciation for said art. Art can be measured in ways bigger than photography, paintings and sculptures because there is art in not only life form but in the way in which we live our lives. There is art in craftsmanship of food and drink, technology and social media and of course, television. 

The art of the telenovela is its ability to convey emotion in a way that charms an audience, a nation and sometimes, whole continents. This art form has completely revolutionized my way of thinking. As telenovelas expands globally, the art is reformed each time it is remade. The adaptation is often made to suit the lifestyles and challenges of different generations in different countries. Telenovelas have the ability to use the facade of a love story  to acknowledge people of the struggles of different socioeconomic classes, racial tensions within ethnicities and magnify the divide between different kinds of different people. This I believe is what truly hooks the audience along with the love story. 

The telenovela is a form of expression that brings community amongst different nations. The power of ratings and the fanbase reminds us that there is power in community and there is power in the people. Another characteristic of the telenovela is its ability to blend fiction into reality. This is what adds to the telenovelas spark. This is why people are able to turn on their televisions every day and tune into the next episode because it allows them forget the troubles they face in their everyday lives. A telenovela simultaneously reminds you of the issues in your society while mesmerizing you with the drama of a love story. I strongly believe that that is what makes this art form so unique.

Throughout the duration of this class, with every lecture my passion for the world cultures have broadened. I came into this class hoping to be more intrigued about the Hispanic culture. To my surprise, I have received more than that. I have become infatuated with the lifestyles and cultures of people beyond Latin-America. I am eager to improve my knowledge of the Brazilian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek cultures to name a few. Through telenovelas, I have learned a lot about the world around me and the power of the consumer. Telenovelas have acquainted me with the issues different types of people experience everyday. Telenovelas have the power to change the community of the world through a love story. And fortunately, that power has been bestowed upon me. 

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  1. I also have never watched a telenovela before this class so each class seminar was a completely new experience for me! While learning about the history, production, and globalization of telenovelas, I soon became intrigued. For each scene on telenovelas, I had no idea production takes a frenzy of people to just produce a romantic scene of kissing, lustful glances, and then lighting and sound production. It is crazy to think that across different populations in different countries, audiences are allured by intense melodramas.