Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Production of Maria la del Barrio

Maria la del Barrio is a remake of an older telenovela from the 70's called "Los Ricos Tambien Lloran", so the two also share the same story writer, Inés Rodena. Though they share the same story, the actual script had different writers. The opening features a huge song and dance number that also keys the audience into the show's major themes and premise; huge groups of well dressed dancers perform behind Maria, while cutscenes of her outside the mansion play, as she is in awe. The interesting part to this telenovela is the production of this opening song; in many shows in the US, the main star of the series will also perform the theme song. Thalia, the actress who plays Maria, does just this, showing how well-rounded she is as a performer.

This aspect of the production also reminds me of why I chose this telenovela, too. I always loved watching nick shows like Fresh-Prince or That's So Raven, where they'd sing their own theme song. The overall aesthetic of the show also mirrors that Fresh-Prince, early 90's tv show, with the fullscreen frame, and somewhat grainy, tape-like footage. Performances from the actors also somewhat reflect the exaggerated nature, with realistic situations and conversations interwoven. The drama involved with each relationship also has the "draw in" ability of similar sitcoms. However, due to the rapid production that comes with a telenovela, mistakes and awkward cuts are still bountiful, and sometimes distract from what's happening on screen.

The story behind this Rosa categorized, cinderella structured, Fresh-Prince-esque telenovela shows how writers can use tactics to keep audiences. Inés flipped the intentions of the "Prince Charming" of the story by adding a subplot where a previous female companion broke his heart, creating a "Prince Ass". He constantly drinks and treats Maria awfully when the two first meet. This shifts the audience's attention to Maria even more, so the audience sympathizes with her even more(almost as much as other countries sympathize with the US for their recent election).
(But that's another story)
Then later in the telenovela, he eventually falls for her, which is also kind of creepy because she's only 15. This will create Fernando-haters, and Fernando-lovers within the show's audience while respectively boosting the shows ratings and followers. What a smart gal.

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  1. Although I have never watched this telenovela, I know that Thalia is a very good singer, so it makes sense that she was chosen to sing the theme song. I feel like this helps connect the audience to the show way more.