Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Someone's Watching You / Alguien te mira-- an atypical telenovela

Before the first few days of class I honestly, believed that telenovelas were like soap operas and that they were all like Days of Our Lives or General Hospital.  After a few days I learned that absolutely any plot was possible in a telenovela and that none of the were like Days of Our Lives or General Hospital. I'm not a huge TV or movie person, but when I do watch TV I prefer action and suspense filled rather than romance or drama filled. To find out that telenovelas offered all of that really helped me in choosing my telenovela. The telenovela that I chose was exactly that. Alguien te mira tells the story of a botched friendship that eventually leads to one of the friends who couldn't join their plastic surgery. Instead Quintana opted for a lifestyle in a rural clinic while the friends he went through medical school with are making a small fortune in a plastic surgery clinic. When he visits his friends in the city several deaths occur there--little do they know it is him.  This telenovela represents the exact opposite of a traditional telenovela. It it barely a love story, it involves the main character as a criminal. Alguien te mira really is the definition of an atypical telenovela.

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  1. I can completely relate to you when you stated that you thought that telenovelas were very similar to soap operas. That is exactly what I thought when I signed up for the class. I thought that it would be General Hospital in Spanish. I was also excited to choose a telenovela once I found out that they contained a variety of action and suspense and really left you on the edge of your seat after each episode. I think it is really cool how you were able to find a telenovelas that fit what you liked and didn't really have a love story.